Subject: Fast Application Containment System (F.A.C.S.) (UNCLASSIFIED)

Importance: High

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

Greetings attached is a synopsis of a product, F.A.C.S. in powder form, that has multiple uses; fire retardant, dust control, encapsulation, soil stabilization, and oil in water containment.  I am sure that you have been exposed to other products of this nature.  I have on a limited basis, where as I had a contractor who used a similar product for dust abatement on border roads.  What impressed me most about F.A.C.S. is the versatility and speed of the product. It is an excellent stabilizer and thoroughly encapsulates the area in which it is applied, either in soil or water.  I saw a demonstration of F.A.C.S. product and I wanted to let you know of its availability. I would appreciate it if you would look at the attached, or consider going to the website and watching a related video, just click on the "video gallery" link and select a video of your interest.  Thanks for our consideration. - Jim

James A. Moye
Project Engineer, CORPS
Roadrunner Resident Office